Frequently Asked Questions

Can Insight™ provide up to date project reporting?

Insight™ captures the data through multiple points of entry into a single easily accessible place online. You can view dynamic, accurate reports at any time. There is no time wasted by an individual compiling a report having to gather and reformat information from other media into presentation media format. Therefore, less meetings and time is required, as the everyone can be given read only access to login and view status at any time.

Will Insight™ enable me to compare key indicators and metrics across different projects?

Insight™ has a selection of pre-defined reporting templates and these display dynamic project data. Each reporting template shows the same categories of information across all the projects so it’s easy to compare. The reports are filterable and you can refine for project stats across a date range or by business department, program or portfolio.

Can Insight™ help with managing resources?

Yes, it definitely can, when planning tasks, use the resource scheduling functionality to dynamically check availability and skillset for all the resources that you need to complete all the tasks in your project. You can be certain that the people are free and available and aware as they receive a notification to let them know that you need their time.

Can Insight™ help with tracking resources?

Insight™ resource reports show you who is scheduled, or working on what and when. You’ll be able to see what activities take the most time in your organisation and even extrapolate who is most efficient. Plan ahead confidently, whether you need to recruit, if you are under resourced or need to cut back on headcount due to over resourcing. Timesheets are automatically updated as individuals activities are updated. 

How are information and documents managed?

You are able to attach documents directly to each project. They are easy to find in one logical place for continuity irrespective of who placed them.